The VEEC's Research and Development Department is almost ready to start recieving members.  More news on that to come in the near future!
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Task Assignment Procedures (TAPs)
Written by Riqimo   
Wednesday, 30 July 2008

To obtain a task, you must first be able to see them of course.  So firstly, head to "Projects" on the left menu near the bottom.  Congrats, you can now see some of the most recently updated tasks!  However you see limited information on them, so find the "Tasks" button on the horizontal menu bar above "Welcome (your name)" and click it.


The first column should be a clock like image.  If a task has notification enabled, this image will appear colored, otherwise, you'll see it as greyscale.  Next column is the number of comments on that task.  Then a thenext column has a little 'computer screen' like image will give you a small menu when you click on it.  (depends on permissions what you see here).


The next one should be obvious.  The name of the task.  Should you see "[something here] Name"   That is either a reference note and/or the commission for the task completion.  The column immediately after that is who the project is assigned to.  If it reads "0-Unassigned" then the task is available for anyone to pick up.  Else the task is assigned to the person mentioned here.  The circle then shows the priority of the task, grey is normal, orange is medium, and red is high.  Please try to make sure that the higher priority tasks get done as quickly as possible.  The second to last column is the number of days remaining to complete this task.   And the last column is which project the task relates to.


To claim a task, first find an unassigned task.then click its name. You should see information pertaining only to that task now.  Make sure you want this task and CAN complete it (if you can't you'll just make the task drag out longer than really necessary and I might get annoyed).  If you meet both of those requirements, then click the "New Comment" button and simply post a comment saying you claim the task.  As soon as the comment is seen by Darr or Doc, the task should be assigned to you.  You can go ahead and start working on it if you wish.  Do note that if the task was already claimed in this manner, you can't "steal" the task by making a comment after theirs.


If you have any questions, find Darr or Doc on IRC, or comnet message them.


Good luck and happy VEEC`ing 

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 30 July 2008 )
VEEC Research and Development Almost Open!
Written by Riqimo   
Monday, 09 August 2004
The VEEC's Research and Development Department is almost ready to start recieving members.  More news on that to come in the near future!
Last Updated ( Sunday, 27 July 2008 )


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